Dismissal or Termination of employment at the initiative of the employer is a process where the consequence fits the conduct. It can be quick or seem slow.

The fear of legal action being taken against a small business in the form of an Unfair Dismissal or other claim is understandable. Yet ongoing inefficiencies, poor performance, misconduct, theft or discrimination are inappropriate and unacceptable.

Determining whether you have Due Process can seem daunting even when there is a Valid Reason.

Also be aware that a termination of employment may be triggered unintentionally by making a significant change to an employee’s terms and conditions even if the employee keeps working for you.

The documents below give an overview of the considerations, processes and other aspects.

Our expert MTA Queensland Workplace Relations Advisors can provide advice and assistance taking account your unique business. We can also represent you, prepare documentation in all types of employment related claims, in conferences and mediations, also in the unlikely event a matter goes to the Commission for formal hearing.

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